Professional Indemnity

We encourage you to have us visit your business premises to discuss the many options we have available to cover your livelihood.  We can look with fresh eyes and perhaps highlight some exposures that you may not have thought of.

“Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know!”

Your insurance cover should be as you require protecting your business, not what suits the underwriter.  Let us help you to be comfortable with your insurance so that it will deliver when you need it most.

At DBIS we can arrange your insurance in a package that encompasses the different aspects of your business or provide stand alone policies for more specific needs.

We encourage you to explore the many options and types of cover available.

Who needs Professional Indemnity?

Once an insurance that was only required by medical providers, more and more professionals are realizing the need for insurance that protects them from claims for compensation sought by customers who believe they have breached their professional duties in the application of their work.
If you are unsure of your need to cover yourself for Professional Indemnity, if your business needs Directors and Officers Liability protection or if your association requires Association Liability please contact the commercial underwriting team at DBIS for some guidance and a quote.

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