Cyber Protection Insurance

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The latest cyber threat report from the Australian Cyber Security Centre warns that businesses including hotels, restaurants and auto repairers were being “robbed, held to ransom, or shut down”.
 There has been over 47,000 identified cyber security incidents in 2016-17 — a 15 per cent increase on the previous year — and more than half were online scams or fraud. Business is booming for cyber criminals and mums and dads, small business owners need to protect their data, money and identities.
 The days of the cyber threat being deployed by a hooded computer geek in a basement are over and sophisticated organised criminal networks are taking control and franchising their business mode.
 Taking out a cyber protection policy with DBIS, is only a small premium for what could save you thousands or your business.
 Cyber Data Protect offers a comprehensive solution that is available to a wide range of industries. Protection is provided for a broad range of network, privacy and multimedia related exposures extending to common occurrences such as intentional data theft by criminal hackers or accidental data exposure from a lost laptop or smart phone.


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